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What is a parent to do when it’s time for their child’s special birthday? What can make a memorable experience long after the actual party is over? The fact of the matter is that endless amounts of gifts will be forgotten as the years go by.

San Diego Jumper Rentals: All the preparation in the world means little if there isn’t an exciting activity that children actually want to partake in. Spin the tail on the donkey is a boring activity from the past. Piñatas are often repetitive and leave children feeling unfulfilled once the candy is ravaged off the yard. What can a parent turn to as not to disappoint their loved one(s) on their special day?

JUMPER RENTALS SAN DIEGOAmazing Jumper Rentals in San Diego

Combo Jumper Rentals: Residents of San Diego have begun relying on jumper rentals to amuse party members. Rain or shine, jump houses serve as a healthy and fun means of entertainment. Statistics reflect that thirty-seven percent of children do not remember the events of their previous birthday celebration. Hopeful parents planned relentlessly to make the occasion unforgettable. Unfortunately, despite days of preparation, they fell short. By renting any variety of jumpers in san diego, children’s laughter will spread throughout the nearby streets.

Water Slide Jumper Rentals San Diego: Unlike dangerous trampolines, jumper rentals are protected by inflatable walls and lack the metal components that can lead to injury. Many of them, depending on their design, can accommodate up to fifteen children. This is an ideal solution for parents who want to relax and have restful conversations with their adult guests. Why would parents chase around herds of children, ensuring they don’t wander off into potentially hazard locations? San Diego residents have learned that not only do jumper rentals offer an array of modern jump houses but they supply water slides as well – allowing parents to keep a watchful eye over the party members without worrying if they are off exploring where they shouldn’t be.

Our San Diego Jumper rentals also come in various sizes, shapes and themes. A child’s favorite cartoon character is likely obtainable. There are hundreds of versions in existence. Jumping castles are a terrific way to provide an elementary style, architectural history lesson and children don’t even realize that they’re learning. Inside some jumper rentals are inflatable classic games like tic tac toe and ring toss, used to stimulate a child’s growing mind and depth perception.



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As members of the San Diego community have discovered, renting a jumper isn’t a wallop to the pocketbook. In fact, they are far less expensive compared to pricey alternatives. Petting zoos not only require cleanup when the guests have departed but cost a great deal more due to transportation costs. Jumpers, unlike petting zoos, won’t carry foul odors and they’re professionally cleaned before being rented. The best part is that parents do not have to clean off any messy mishaps such as spilled cake or candy stains.

The materials used in making jumpers allow them to be water-resistant and durable. The possibilities are endless should a party take place on a hot, sunny day, like many do in San Diego. Water pistols and squirt guns are inexpensive gifts that children can use throughout the party and take home afterward. Jumper rentals San Diego are perfect for playful water wars. Being that the base is merely a cushion of air, slippery surfaces only add to the amusement.

Jumpers for Rent in San Diego: Another reason why jumper rentals are the perfect solution is one that’s most rewarding for the parents. Children attending parties almost always overindulge on candies, cakes, and sugary beverages. All of their pent up energy can make the evening hectic. With a bounce house jumper rental, they expend the extra energy and only want to rest after the party.  There’s no better way for a child to exercise. Jumper rentals San Diego combine an equal balance of physical exercise and unrivaled amusement. The only struggle an adult might experience is trying to get the child out.

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Potential renters naturally assume that assembling a jumper is a daunting task that requires time and preparation. In actuality, they are exceedingly simple when being prepared for use. Every company will provide detailed instructions even though they aren’t difficult to follow. It’s literally as easy as filling it with air. All necessary equipment is provided and there aren’t special tools required. If you are looking for san diego party rental equipment, be sure to checkout bounce house san diego for your party equipment needs. Most jumpers begin inflating immediately. Our San Diego Party Rentals sister company can provide you with even additional party equipment rentals.  As an added benefit, just short of an accidental puncture from the cake-cutting cutlery, jumpers are resilient to the energetic levels of a child’s playful antics. The walls, another cushion of air, are pliable and won’t injure a child upon collision. Place the same degree of enthusiasm on a trampoline and the results could be disastrous.

Birthday parties aren’t the only gatherings that could benefit from san diego jumper rentals. Fundraisers have embraced the concept of drawing attention with free bouncing sessions. A multitude of businesses rent jumpers as a means of entertaining a customer’s children while they sign up for services. Jumpers attract business from both the local community and families who are merely passing through. Fast food restaurants have long since capitalized on the incorporation of play zones. Employers also understand the importance of providing youthful entertainment at company functions. They are after all, showing appreciation for their employees and their employee’s families.

In conclusion, the list of uses for a jumper rental san diego are subject to a renter’s imagination. There are virtually no unreasonable limitations to the hours of fun a child can experience. For those residing in the San Diego area, further research the many jumper rental companies and chose the one that’s appropriate for specific needs. Memories are bound to be made.