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One thing that worries parents of toddlers especially is that they are so quick and active and all they want to do is to explore the world out there and meet so many new people and everything, whereas their parents are always busy in trying to protect them from inviting unwanted harm. Well this case is exactly reversed when toddlers are placed in toddler jumpers. They are not only in a safe and bouncy confinement but a place where they get to meet and play with other kids their age without worrying their parents.


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Give your toddler party the ideal touch! 

You rent your very own toddler jumper whenever you want from us through our website or call us whenever you need. We offer you the best party related services you need and provide you with the highest quality of toddler jumpers. Many parents worry about the toddler jumpers to deflate any moment if they are made out of cheap material or if the pressure pump is not good enough. In our company we give quality the highest priority and ensure that the jumper we make is of the best quality polyester and vinyl that is available in the market today. The material is strong enough to bear pressures of young kids jumping on it simultaneously without giving away. The pressure pump is tested every time before giving it away on any event to ensure that it is able to maintain optimum pressure inside the jumper at all times. This way parents can completely get carefree of their child and enjoy the party the way they want to.

We provide toddler jumpers in many shapes and sizes depending on the size of the area you have. Whether the event is small or large it doesn’t matter, a kids attraction is always a plus point and that’s why we have manufactured toddler jumpers of all sizes to make sure we can provide it to any one for anywhere be it their backyard or front lawn to a huge carnival. Also, anything with fun rides and kids’ activities becomes a real attraction as parents are happy to bring their young ones with them and the more they enjoy the more the parents’ love it and the more your event becomes a success.

Our toddler jumpers are also available in many colors and shapes, from a car to a big castle whatever you need for your event. We have kept our jumpers animated with the favorite and the most popular cartoons to attract the children. These animated toddler jumpers are best for a theme party, so if you are hosting a birthday party or a costume party or just a bake sale and you are going with a specific theme you can find so many options in terms of color combinations and shapes in our inventory. And even if you don’t have any theme, a big animated and colorful bouncy jumper will always be very inviting and appealing to a child to hop on and have fun.

To make our toddler jumpers more attractive we have kept inflatable slides, stairs and ropes so that children can engage in different forms of play and enjoy jumping around while playing with all of these different slides and rides as well.

We provide other party items as well, along with other slides and rides both for children as well as adults to make your party a huge hit. Feel free to browse through our gallery of the products we rent out so you can have a vast array of options to choose from.

One of our technicians comes along to the venue you are hosting to set the inflatable toddler jumper for you so that you can concentrate on setting up your party and doing other work. Our technician expertly handles the entire bouncy jumper so that you don’t get to take any headache for that. If you want we also assign an assistant throughout the event to stay beside the toddler jumper and help in any situation possible and supervise the entire outing. This way you can be completely relaxed and carefree knowing an adult will always be supervising your children. Once the event is over our technician will deflate the toddler jumper and pack it up without causing you any trouble.

The pressure pump requires an electrical outlet so make sure that there is one provided nearby or an extension will work just the same as well. The pressure pump is responsible to not just inflate the jumper but also keep it bouncy all day long by maintaining the required pressure inside it.

If you are in a mood of hosting a party and you need a toddler jumper than call us anytime you need or visit our website to go through our products. Book us as soon as possible because e during holidays and weekenders we get booked up fast. If you need to ask us any questions feel free to contact us and let us know. Our team of customer support is present all 7 days a week at all times whenever you need help.

So if you want to host a nice big party and want to make your little one happy and have the best day of his life than do make sure you get your hands on the toddler jumpers our company is renting. We are charging very nominal prices so that renting toddler jumpers does not become a burden on any one’s budget and their little ones can have as much fun as their parents. So happy jumping!

Don’t forget to reserve your jumper in advance so you won’t get disappoint at the time of rush! We are always ready and willing to provide you with great products today!