Tables & Chairs Rentals

Tables and Chairs Rentals

Whether you are planning a big party for your family and friends or just a casual dinner and are in need of chairs and tables for the occasion then you have come to the right place. Here we have all kinds of chairs and tables. We have chairs of different shapes and sizes that can be used in different occasions. We also have a fine collection of well-crafted tables that will sparkle your gathering.

The selection of chairs depends mainly upon the type of a person you are and what is the occasion for which the chairs are required. Different people have different tastes in many things and it is the same with chairs. Some people find decorative and fancy looking chairs more attractive while there are people who prefer nice and simple chairs. But, there is one main thing that every person desires in a chair and that is that it must be very comfortable to sit on. We give you our fine word that our chairs will be most comfortable and cozy.

 You can order tables and chairs individually with a minimum order amount of $100.  Delivery Fee May Apply


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We have tables and chairs for both Children and Adults!

We have a very fine collection of Chiavari chairs. The Chiavari chair is a wooden chair. It has an elegant Ligurian design. The origin of this specific design is from Liguria that is a coastal region of North-West Italy. Liguria is well known and favorite among tourists owing to its beaches, cuisines and towns that are very rich in culture. These Chiavari chairs are designed with each component selected carefully to carry specific stresses that it is to carry. We have a Fruitwood Chiavari chair that has a very comfortable cushion that comes in ivory as well as black. These Chiavari chairs have an elegant look that is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. The good thing about these chairs is that they are suitable for every event. They can fit in and be used for any event such as anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement parties, corporate events, weddings, etc.

If you are having a wedding that has a white theme then we have an excellent suggestion for you. You can use our White Chiavari chairs. These Chiavari chairs come with black and white cushions (but we suggest you to choose the white cushion chairs for the white themed wedding). These graceful chairs are well crafted and the beautiful thing about these is that they can be used for outdoor ceremonies and also for indoor events around a table and look equally amazing.

Is it you little angel’s birthday? Are his little cute friends coming over? Don’t worry if you don’t have any chairs because we have got you covered with a set of children’s chairs that are the best for your situation. These chairs are very comfortable and beautiful. They are quite easy for you to carry around while shifting from one place to another as they can be folded very easily. They are very safe and manufactured while taking into account all the aspects of its use. These chairs can also be used for pool parties of your kids. They also come with 6’ children’s tables and make a perfect match for a perfect occasion.

We also have other types of chairs that fit different occasions. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Wood Folding Chair with Padded Seat (Natural Wood with Padded Seat)
  • Resin Folding Chair (White Resin with Padded Seat)
  • Samsonite Folding Chairs (White Samsonite)
  • Brown Samsonite Folding Chairs
  • Rental Chivari Stool (Fruitwood Chivari Bar Stool)

All of our chairs are comfortable and come with cushions that are made of a very delicate fabric. Our chairs are designed to fit your needs. These are well crafted and very angle and corner is made with precise measurements. We make sure that these chairs are safe and no corner is pointy or any nail is pointing out that could hurt you or your loved ones. These chairs are very durable.

We also have a very fine collection of tables that are suitable for different occasions such as parties, weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries and also have tables for children. These tables are made from very fine and pure materials. These tables are well crafted that makes them look appealing. The tables we have are durable and safe with no sharp edges or nails that are pointing out in order to keep you safe. Some of the different tables in our catalogue of great variety are mentioned below:

  • Round Event Tables
  • Rental Banquet Tables
  • Round Standing Pedestal Tables
  • Event Conference Tables
  • Small Children’s Table

If you have an event on the way and are willing to buy our chairs or tables or both then contact us today. Call us as soon as possible because it is possible that you might miss the set of chairs you want because someone else booked them prior to you as our items are demanded.

Be sure to search through our catalogue to find the chairs or tables that best suit your requirements and events. We advise you to read some reviews on the products you want to book so that you have a good idea of the product and so that there are no doubts or second thoughts while booking.