Pool Ready Water Slides

Pool Ready Water Slides

Pool slides are the best source of entertainment especially in the hot summer days. We provide inflatable pool slides for rent for any of your event. Be it a small birthday party or a huge carnival, pool slides not only become a huge hit but successfully attract many families to your event. This way your event becomes the talk of the town and each family is able to have so many precious memories.

Our pool slides are made out of the best quality vinyl and polyester that gives it the right amount of softness and strength to the slide. We ensure that the material we use in the manufacturing of our pool slides is of the highest standards and can bear weight of many children simultaneously. To make sure that our product is of the best quality, we pass it through our rigorous quality assurance process in which the product is tested for its quality and strength. The product is passed and sent for rental usage only when it passed the quality assurance test.

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Our Pool Ready Water Slides Come in Different Sizes

Our pool slides are made in various sizes and shapes so as to make sure that it fits your liking and the area of your venue. So whether your party is in your lawn or backyard or at a huge venue, our manufacturers make sure that everyone gets to enjoy being on the pool slide.

Apart from providing variety in different sizes we also provide range of sizes and colors to you. So you get to have a nice slew of options from which you can choose. This way you can plan out your event working around a theme if you want.

Pool slides usually have a water slides attached with a pool. This water slide can have many types of shapes, either a straight slide or a tunnel, which ends on a pool. This way it becomes so perfect for those summery days when the climate is so hot and humid and everyone is trying to cool themselves. And what better way is there to chill then enjoy on a pool?

If you don’t have a swimming pool at your place you can still enjoy swimming in the water by getting our inflatable pool slides. With the slides It adds another attraction and everyone can have a fun ride before splashing on to the water.

Because our pool slides are made out of vinyl and polyester, parents can send their children unsupervised there and let them have fun without worrying that they might get hurt. A lot of times parents cannot go to outdoorsy events because they fear their kids’ safety. But with our pool slides they can send their little ones away without any worries. And because of that so many more families are encouraged and attracted to become a part of your party.

Our pool slides are inflated using a special pressure pump. The machine blows enough air inside the slide to make it stand up erect and the pressure pump works to equilibrate the pressure inside the slide and ensure that it remains the same throughout the day. This way it is able to stay up all day long.

We also use water pumps to provide water to the slide and the pump ensures that a steady stream flows down the slide so as to make sure that the person on it glides easily to the bottom. Some of our slides can also have many twists and turns or have multiple lanes to make the slide more exciting. That way you can enjoy having a water park experience at your home or your event without needing to go there.

How It Works

For the setup, one of our technicians comes to set the slide up and ensure that it is working properly. Once the slide stands tall and the water starts flowing it is ready to be used.  Each water hose is of a different size which can fit the area and the size of slide that you have chosen. For the setup we can provide you with the pumps and all the material you need, or we can provide you with our representative who can do the job for you while you can supervise other tasks. Water slides can become such an attraction not only for toddlers but older children and even adults. Doesn’t matter what your age is, just hop on the fun ride and live in the moment.

To make sure that we provide the best of experience, we also send a body guard or an assistant to stand there the whole time to make sure that he can handle any problem or accidents. To make our ride more attractive we have kept the prices to the minimum so that everyone can easily afford it.

Our water slides have many printable cartoons and animations and are shaped in a castle, or a car, or a tropical beach. Each slide is designed by keeping a theme in mind, so that if you have a children’s party you get to have many more options and if you have a fun corporate event then too you can enjoy our multilane pool slide which will allows up to 6 users to take the slide and enjoy.

Feel free to visit our website browse through our gallery and see which slide you want to choose for your upcoming party. You can even call us on our number to get more information about us and our services.