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Our Module Jumpers Come with Plenty of Art Banner

Our module jumpers are made out of super strong material because we care about your children just like they are our responsibility. So even if they are jumping and happily diving and gliding over the module jumper, the material never gets broken or damage and is able to withstand weight of many children jumping in it combined.

To make sure that our product is safe to use and is strong enough we pass it through rigorous quality testing and replicate the same scenario of jumping weights on top of it. if the material gets damaged or broken or shows any signs of distress we send it back for improvement and we continue to do so until the final product is absolutely perfect and 100% safe.

We provide module jumper rentals in various shapes and sizes. So if you are planning to have a module jumper for a party at your own backyard but you are afraid that it would be too big for your lawn then we can provide you a module jumper that is compact enough to fit in the area that you can provide.  We are also in various different shapes so it suit your and your child’s liking and we provide always with something new.

If you are planning to host a specific theme party or there is a carnival that you are organizing and you need the perfect module jumper that goes along with the decided theme then you can confidently contact us as we keep all sorts of designs in our store that will guarantee go along with your theme.

How It Works

Each of these module jumpers have to inflate by using a power pump. These power pumps will need an electrical socket nearby, or an extension whatever is available to inflate the module jumper give it its shape. if you have a place on your desired site of event where electrical socket is available well and good or else you will need to buy an extension to keep the module jumper inflated and the pressure maintain. This way the module jumper never loses its shape and its bounciness throughout the day and children can enjoy jumping on it all day long.

One of the main points of organizing an event is to be able to attract large amounts of audiences to your event. Many a times this is not possible because parents risk brining their children or fear leaving them unsupervised. Well you can solve this problem by renting our module jumper. Once the module jumper will be on the flyers of your event, parents will have no qualms about bringing their little ones with them as they know they will enjoy their fullest hopping on the jumper while they can socialize, eat and have fun without worrying about their child.

If you need to get our module jumpers just go to our website and there you will see all the different options that we have for module jumpers in various different sizes, and shapes as well as various different colors. We also have our jumpers animated and have many cartoon drawings on them so make them more attractive for the kids and theme appropriate for any party. You can browse through our gallery and order whatever module jumper you like the most and decide which module jumper goes well with the theme party that you are throwing and fits in the area as well. Once that is done our technician will come to the stated site and set the module jumper up for you. if you want, our technician can stay throughout the event to make sure that if there is any help or need it is met right away. Once the event is over our technician will take the module jumper down himself without causing you any trouble. We understand that throwing a party or organizing an event is huge tasks and for that we let you stay worry free from our side.

If you need any other party material from us we are ready to provide you those as well. We have a host of many other types of entertaining slides and jumpers for all types of ages as well as other party organizing material. Give us a call and visit our website for more information. All you will have to do is to click and select the item that you require and we will handle everything else.

We provide you all this in minimal amount so that getting entertainment and making loads of memories doesn’t costs you very much. Our process are kept in a highly affordable range so we can cater to as wider audience as possible.

Call us now or visit our website whenever you need, our customer care team is present 24/7 to help you out. We get booked fast especially during holidays and weekends so hurry up and avail the opportunity right now.

Our special offer: if you live within 15 miles of San Diego ware house we provide free delivery, setup and removal free of cost.