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Making arrangements for all the particulars for a party may not be exciting as the party itself. It is a task that many people do not like anticipating. However, if the details of an event are not properly lined up, the event might end being boring to the participant. Normally, there are not many easy ways out for first-time party organizers. Nonetheless, one of the easiest things to do is renting a jumper for the party.

Interactive jumpers are a great way to keep kids entertained while the adults relish the party with their friends. Presented with the choice between playing a video game and playing on an inflatable jumper, the children almost always prefer a jumper. Jumpers are also a healthy, safe as well as an excellent way to keep the children entertained with minimal supervision.


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How does one, therefore, go about renting a jumper for a great party? Firstly, one needs to be aware that they do not want to buy a jumper from a store. Jumpers are not made to be used by just a couple kids. This may be not more than two children most of the times. Parties are attended by many children and therefore in such a case this would not work.

When it comes to teenage parties, interactive jumpers are the best option. Obstacle course, boxing with big inflated gloves or an interactive game goes well with the teens. Today in San Diego rental jumpers market, one can get the perfect jumper for any event. Whether one has a birthday party, fundraisers, and any other kind of event where fun necessary for pleasure.

Safety is possibly the key factor when renting a jumper. Competent party rental companies always have insurance. This is to a great extent important especially when the kids are using the jumpers. If it is possible, one should go and inspect the jumpers in advance, just to ensure they are safe. During the inspection, one will also be able to tell whether the jumpers are clean. In spite of many companies in San Diego being involved in rental jumpers business, there are some that might not be taking care of their party supplies.

The following are valuable tips on how to look for quality jumpers and reliable companies in San Diego.

Which jumper suits the event?

There are many designs to choose from, but one should determine which one is going to bring the most satisfaction to their event. If the party has a definite theme, it is wise to choose the jumper that matches the theme. Nobody would want to choose a princess theme for a boys party having a sporty theme. Renting a jumper that does not complement can result in an awkward experience for the participants.

The available space should also be considered before hiring an interactive jumper. Can the available space fit an obstacle course, a combo or a water slide? It is the responsibility of the event planners to measure the area they intend to use before they can kick off the hiring process. A delivery fee might be inevitable even after cancelling an order due to less space.

What is the hiring budget? Obstacle courses, combos, water slides among other interactive jumpers, depending on size, are relatively expensive than regular bounce houses.

Also, another important aspect to consider when renting a jumper is the age group. Different inflatables are designed for different age groups. Interactive jumpers are perfect for teenagers and therefore should not be the choice for toddlers. Renting the wrong model may not be satisfactory to the participants of the event or the party attendants.

What should one know about the jumpers renting companies?

Apart from price and insurance, there are some other key points that one should be aware before they can approach any company in San Diego. Hygiene is one of them. Sine jumpers are frequently rented out, and they sometimes get dirty. The law does not demand that companies should clean their inflatables. Nonetheless, clean and hygienic jumpers reflect the right image and services of a company.

The location of a company should also be considered. Knowing the location of the company helps one to make sure that the company delivers to their city. Companies that are closer to the event location are much cheaper since they are most likely not to charge a delivery fee.

Knowing whether a company provides discount is also important. In most cases, companies may reward customer loyalty by offering some discounts, as well as additional incentives.

Party planners may also want to consider the condition of the jumpers they are renting. Inflatables should be in good shape. Their colour should not be faded, or they shouldn’t have patches everywhere. A good inflatable company should have their units renewed when they are worn out.

Lastly, what are the safety feature? The children’s safety should not be left to chance. Inflatables should have a safety ramp at the entrance and the exit. This feature ensures the safe entry and exit of the children. They cannot fall or roll out to the ground. The inflatables should also have big entries and exits. This ensures that the children are not stuck or have difficulties entering and leaving the inflatables. This safety measure is also important particularly in cases of for example electricity problems or weather that call for an evacuation.

Water slides should have inflatable pool floors. Traditionally, water slides did not have inflatable pool floors beneath their pool. This made the children hit the ground as they slid into the pool.

Get the best interactive jumpers in San Diego and see the party attendants bounce to their hearts’ satisfaction.