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Most adults can remember a time during their childhood where they went to the playground and slid down the slide. Some of these hard plastic slides looped and spiraled while others were constructed for a straight, slanted descent. What most can remember is how hard those slide’s surfaces were. Depending on what was worn, some were downright painful to slide down, better serving a dungeon rather than a school’s play area.

A person can only wonder how much more exciting San Diego schools would be if they periodically rented an inflatable dry slide. Children wouldn’t want to feign symptoms of the flu and more students would have perfect attendance records, at least on the days when the inflatable dry slide was erected.


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Our Dry Slide Jumpers Make Your Party Fun!

To Southern California’s delight, inflatable dry slide rentals are abundant. Much like its bouncy counterpart, dry slides are perfect for attracting guests to a child’s birthday party. Thick cushions of air serve as protective side guards, minimizing the risk of accidental falls. Unlike traditional plastic slides, the descent also takes place atop cushions of air and isn’t hard on the posterior. Another benefit that inflatable dry slides have over traditional slides is they don’t eject a child into a painful gravel pit. Most slides located at the community park drop off into a layer of ground tires, patches of dirt or piles of tiny rocks. Inflatable slides spill out into an air cushioned trough, virtually eliminating scraped knees and other common slide-related injuries.

One convenient aspect of renting an inflatable dry slide is being able to use it indoors as well as outdoors. Hard plastic slides are constructed in a fixed position. Typically, foul weather interferes with a pleasurable experience if not ruining it entirely. Parties thrown at a park are subject to such inclement weather. Small children rarely understand why their birthday celebration has to be postponed due to untimely flash floods. Utilizing the mobility and easy setup of an inflatable dry slide rental, they can quickly be inflated inside gymnasiums and indoor recreational buildings. Some crafty individuals have even enjoyed them inside local barns. San Diego residents have also inflated them inside small convention centers.

Our Dry Slides are for Everyone!

Contrary to popular belief, inflatable dry slide rentals aren’t only enjoyed by children. Armed Forces members and their families stationed in San Diego have proven that these slides stand up to their weight load guarantee. Full grown men have raced one another down the larger models and the slide’s structure wasn’t even close to being threatened. In fact, a variety of models can exceed thirty-five feet in height. These particular models are even equipped with dual lanes that promote bouts of friendly competition. Ordinary park slides rarely top eight feet. Understandably so, they do not possess the safety features that inflatable dry slide rentals do.

The name ‘dry’ slide shouldn’t be misinterpreted. They are completely waterproof and safe to operate while wet. The heat in San Diego can be blistering at times. Therefore, inflatable dry slide rentals can easily be transformed into inflatable wet slide rentals. Though it isn’t recommended with infants or toddlers, a small layer of oil can be applied and the fun can really begin. A standard garden hose can be used to morph the inflatable dry slide into an extremely wet outdoor adventure. Comparatively, slide rentals are far more affordable than taking party members to the nearby water park. When the sun is shining children just want to play in the water. To them, it doesn’t matter if they get wet for two hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.

To build a picnic in the backyard of your San Diego home, only a few items are required. The first is obviously acquiring a San Diego inflatable dry slide rental from one of the many rental companies. Add a couple of sprinklers and ten to fifteen handheld water guns and a homemade water park has been built. Neighborhood children will think that the party hosts are the coolest people in the world. Other parents will be forced to sit back and watch with jealousy.

Still, there are a lot of parents who cringe at the idea of seeing their miniature loved ones climb thirty feet to an inflatable dry slide rental’s upper platform. Unlike the ladder-style rungs found on an ordinary park slide, inflatable slides have guarded climbing steps. They too are nothing more than cushions of air and can be placed in the middle of a dual slide for safety purposes. Also, due to a continuous airflow, inflatable slides won’t rapidly deflate if they are punctured.

It’s true when leading researchers say that the most memorable experiences in life are the ones that incorporate simple enjoyments. Inflatable slides are some of the easiest playgrounds to setup and they don’t require special sets of tools. Most San Diego dry slide rental companies are willing to send out an employee to help inflate the rented model(s). Though, with the detailed instructions that are included, it doesn’t require too much effort when preparing the slide for inflation.

Each and every inflatable dry slide rental company cleans their equipment before renting them out. Parents hosting a party already have enough tasks to deal with. Cleaning the possible messy mishaps after the party has finished shouldn’t be another one. Even if an overly excited child spills a sugar laden beverage on the slide’s exterior, only the supplying company should be concerned about removing it upon return.