Combo Jumper Rentals San Diego

Renting an inflatable combo jumper for your kid’s birthday party will bring that spark of fun and excitement that you are looking for. Children’s eyes always seem to light up at the sight of bounce houses. They can bounce for hours on end, and have so much fun doing it. An inflatable jumper always seems to be the star attraction at children’s parties. Thankfully, there are a number of inflatable combo jumper rentals San Diego. Lets take a look at a few things you should know before renting an inflatable combo jumper.


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Things to know before renting an inflatable combo jumper in San Diego

Inflatable bounce houses are fun and incredibly easy to set up. With the help of our pro installers at My Party Jumpers, you can have one set up in your backyard or at the park in just a few minutes once we arrive. It is very important that all the directions and warnings are strictly followed. While a jumper can provide hours of fun for children, it is very important not to get carried away while setting up. Here are a number of things you should take note of:

• You must thoroughly ensure that the bounce house is set up properly. Inflatable combo jumpers are relatively easy to set up, which makes it quite possible to overlook some simple steps that should be taken to keep it secured. You should select a safe and spacious area of your home where it can be erected. Bounce houses can be set up indoors if the space allows it, but as a safety precaution it is better to set up outside. You must select a portion of land that has a flat surface. It is very important to ensure that the jumper is never set up on an incline. You must also ensure to take out every sharp object that lies around the area where the bounce house would be set up. Things such as rocks, twigs, glass, stones etc. should be raked away. This helps to prevent getting the jumper punctured or injury to one of the children. There must also be tons of open space around the bounce house and you should set up away from tree branches, power lines and other dangerous obstructions.

• When making used of inflatable combo jumper rentals San Diego, you must always ensure to have an adult supervise at all times. Kid’s parties in San Diego can be fun for everyone, so it is quite easy to get carried away. You must therefore ensure that the kids are supervised at all times. Also, the individual in charge of supervision should know all the rules surrounding the usage of a bounce house and must be willing to enforce those rules. Any children who show potentials of continuously trying out dangerous stunts within the jumper should be removed immediately. Shoes and other items should be taken off before kids get into the jumper. If the person in charge of supervision has to step away for a moment, he or she must get someone else to supervise or make sure that everybody exits the bounce house till they return.

• Children must take off shoes and other sharp objects before entering the bounce house. Irrespective of their large structure, jumpers are quite fragile, so it is very important to ensure that no item that can puncture the bounce house is allowed. Items such as safety pins and even glasses should be removed in order to prevent injuries or other mishaps. Bare feet are a safer option than socks, so one must take note of this. You must also keep away all pets from the bounce house, because animals tend to bite into objects. This can puncture the jumper and create an unsafe environment for children.

• Another thing you should know when making use of inflatable combo jumper rentals San Diego is that in case of an emergency, the first step is to evacuate the jumper. If something happens to the bounce house, make sure to call the rental company so that it gets fixed immediately. You must also make sure that the bounce house is evacuated in the event of bad weather like rain or storms. At the first sight of lightning, the bounce house should be evacuated. Children can commence bouncing as soon as favorable weather returns.

• You must also ensure that only children who are around the same age enter the bounce house. If children of different sizes enter the bounce house, it poses a risk to the smaller children who can get trampled on. You should also keep children with health conditions out of the bounce house. If a child is displaying signs of ill health or has a broken limb, you must ensure that they are not allowed into the bounce house. Most times the inflatable combo jumper rentals San Diego would come with the necessary instructions to prevent such mishap, but it is still necessary to know these safety tips before renting.

Bounce houses are always a fun distraction for kids at parties. It is however very necessary to follow these safety precautions in order to prevent injuries and other accidents. If the bounce house seems feeble or shaky for some reason, you must ensure to call the rental company to take care of this. Never try to improvise and provide quick fixes to jumpers. You must also ensure that the source of power for the bounce house is uninterrupted and well away from the sight of children. Following these tips would ensure a fun and safe bouncing experience for your kids and all their friends.